Case Study

A Modern Residential Apartment

Our client initially approached us with a sense of anxiety, uncertain about her vision for the apartment and concerned about its relatively small size, roughly half of her previous living space.


Kariman Kadry

Ashraf Tawakkol

Aliaa Bahaa



Creative Process

Interior design is a captivating journey that places the human experience at the heart of the creative process. This symphony of space and style unfolds in four harmonious steps, always guided by the needs and desires of the people who will call the designed space their own.

Our client’s initial anxiety and uncertainty about her vision for the apartment, coupled with concerns about its small size, posed a challenging task for us. Gathering our team, we embarked on a thorough ideation session, exploring every possible direction to create a spacious interior that would satisfy her. Once we settled on a design direction together, we simultaneously pursued two other design iterations to determine the best design language and complementary color scheme. Our commitment to understanding her needs and delivering exceptional results drove us to overcome this challenge and exceed her expectations.

Empathetic Inspiration and Vision

Every design odyssey begins with an empathetic spark. It’s about listening to the stories, dreams, and needs of those who will inhabit the space. We draw inspiration from our clients’ aspirations, cultural backgrounds, and lifestyles, crafting a vision that resonates with the people it serves. This step is where the human experience is woven into the very fabric of the design.

Material Selection and Aesthetics

Materials are the colors on the designer’s palette, and the choices are made with people in mind. It’s here that we play with textures, fabrics, and finishes to evoke emotions and create a sense of well-being. Material choices have the power to make a space feel like home, welcoming, and comforting. It’s not just how it looks but also how it touches the heart, adding a human-centered dimension to the aesthetics.

Purposeful Space Planning and Functionality

With the human experience in mind, we transform visions into functional realities. Space planning isn’t just about layouts; it’s about creating environments that enhance daily life. It considers the flow of movement, accessibility, and personal comfort. Each design element is carefully orchestrated to ensure that the space serves its inhabitants in the most practical and meaningful ways.

Execution and Personalized Finishing Touches

The final step is where human-centered creativity comes to life. The vision becomes reality through the skilled hands of artisans, installers, and craftsmen. Here, we ensure that every aspect of the design is executed with precision, and with the human touch. It’s the finishing touches that give the space a unique identity, arranging artwork, lighting, and personal elements that resonate with the inhabitants. The result is a harmonious blend of creativity, functionality, and personal identity, all created with the inhabitants’ experience in mind.

Product Features

Our creative journey began with customizing furniture pieces to the client’s needs, with specific details, colors, and dimensions. We also prioritized cross-ventilation to promote natural air circulation, and maximized natural light to create a bright and inviting atmosphere.


Custom Design

Natural ventelation

Unique color scheme

In this world of interior design, the creative process is a journey from empathetic inspiration to a realization where spaces become not just visually beautiful but also emotionally and functionally fulfilling.

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